Key Features

  • Standard, low and ultra-low temperature grades are available.
  • Suitable for BHTs of 125⁰ F to 325⁰ F
  • Suitable for up to 10,000 psi frac pressure

  • Mainly comprised of polymers which degrade without any trigger (acid or salt)
  • Degrades predictably at wide temperature range
  • More predictable degradability compared with metal plugs

  • 500 ft/min and 18 bbl/min run-in speeds
  • Bottom set shear off eliminates tensile loading
  • Large ID area to accommodate immediate flow back

  • Utilizes standard industry setting tools
  • Drop ball & ball-in-place options
  • Optional pump-down rings available

Run History

  • Approximately 1,000 KDPs were successfully used.
  • Used in major shale play including Permian, Eagle Ford and Haynesville.
  • No pre-set history.